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The Redstone Group
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The Redstone Group is a consulting firm focusing on Regulatory Affairs and Program Management.

We provide assistance in areas including mergers and acquisitions, regulatory compliance, operational assessment, management consulting and project management.

Redstone leverages its extensive industry experience and broad network with a seasoned professional staff. The result is a dynamic management consulting group ready to enhance your organization's effectiveness and enterprise value.

Redstone is proud to be recognized by its clients for high ethical standards and superior quality services. Its creative and innovative solutions are designed to improve your business' performance today and tomorrow.

Is Your Company Ready for GHS?

GHS is an acronym for The Globally Harmonized System of Labeling and Packaging. It is a standardized system created by the United Nations for:

classifying hazardous chemicals
preparation of safety data sheets
preparation of labels

The OSHA Hazard Communication standard has been revised to align with GHS. In the revised GHS Standard, OSHA seeks to maintain or enhance the protection provided by the existing Standard. While the overall purpose and scope of the standard were minimally impacted, some significant changes were necessary in order to align with GHS

Review your obligations under GHS

Is Your Company Ready for REACH?

If you manufacture or import chemicals, mixtures of chemicals or articles to the European Union (EU) you should have a strategy for REACH
Which products are impacted?
Can you pre-register?
When is registration required?
Do you understand the strategies of your suppliers and importers?
When are the next deadlines?
Have you budgeted for REACH?

Review the REACH initiative

Global Trade: How does it work?

Markets and opportunities are expanding, and with them come a universe of complex regulations. More than physical movement, Trade Regulations now restrict information access, transaction parties, and activities involving your product even after the sale. Trade Regulations imposed by other countries can impact you more directly than ever. Trade agreements make you, and your customers, competitive.

At Redstone the complex becomes an easily managed process. Our clients enjoy their global growth with confidence.

Let us show you how!

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